Know Your Customer

Fenergo’s Know Your Customer (KYC) solution is a complete end-to-end compliance platform that solves all existing and emerging regulatory and compliance needs, enabling financial institutions to future-proof their compliance investment.

As a single platform with out-of-the-box functionality, Fenergo KYC manages all compliance requirements and regulatory challenges from initial take-on right through the entire client lifecycle, including all necessary reviews, data and documentation refreshes as well as event-driven triggers.

It is specifically designed to minimize risk throughout the client lifecycle. From the moment a client is ready to be onboarded, the solution examines all relevant client data to calculate an appropriate risk-rating for the client. Its ability to create a single client view of all individuals, entities and ultimate beneficial owners enables institutions to conduct accurate KYC and AML assessments, the results of which dictate the level of due diligence required – Standard or Enhanced Due Diligence. The solution also automatically schedules regular reviews of the client data and flags ad-hoc reviews based on change of circumstance data.

Fenergo’s CDD / KYC solution helps institutions to accurately measure and monitor the risk exposure presented by clients throughout the client lifecycle, whilst combatting the threat of money laundering or terrorism funding through your institution. Its flexibility and configurability ensures that you can future-proof your institution against future classification-based regulations such as FATCA, LEI, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, 4th EU Money Laundering Directive etc.

Based upon a sophisticated rules engine, the Fenergo solution uses dynamic decision tree intelligence to determine the policy that the bank wishes to execute based upon the jurisdiction, the role or the type of legal entity being onboarded. The products that the client wants to trade can also be used as input into these decision trees. As part of this process, the decision tree engine further determines all data, documentation and compliance steps that need to be assembled based upon the decision point described above.

Underpinned by flexible workflow, which collects and prompts all the data and documentation that needs to be collected and collated, the Fenergo solution will dynamically determine the following requirements

  • Required data attributes
  • KYC questionnaires
  • Required documentation
  • Inputs from risk calculations,
  • AML checks (low, medium or high risk)
  • Ultimate beneficial ownership
  • PEPs and Sanctions screening
  • Classification required (such as MiFID, Dodd-Frank, FATCA)
  • Tax checks required (FATCA, TDSI)

With Fenergo KYC, your financial institution can:

Manage client-related risk exposure throughout the lifecycle

Fenergo KYC enables your financial institution to manage the end-to-end risk assessment and scoring for new and existing clients throughout the entire client lifecycle – from initial client onboarding through to ongoing due diligence (ODD) and enhanced due diligence (EDD) for higher-risk clients. The solution automates the risk-based client re-evaluations (ongoing due diligence) based on client data changes and periodic data refresh exercises (including AML, KYC and PEP refresh).

Focus resources on higher-risk entities 

The fine-tuned and automated risk-scoring capabilities of Fenergo KYC enable financial institutions to focus scarce resources on higher-risk legal entities. Designed to be compliant with the most stringent regulations across the world, the solution provides financial institutions with the ability to demonstrate full compliance with all CDD / KYC and tax compliance regulations (including MIFID II, FATCA, TDSI, FINRA and Dodd-Frank). The solution also handles the management of client classifications as dictated by AML, TDSI and FATCA related regulations.

Achieve a single client view of all legal entities

Fenergo KYC enables the achievement of a single client view and provides intuitive visualization of all legal identities, associated parties and ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) across all products, services and departments within the institution. A comprehensive Legal Entity Data Model supports static data requirements and a full hierarchical legal entity ownership structure. The solution is capable of identifying, verifying and visualizing the relationships of a myriad of entities including individuals, corporations, partnerships, personal / corporate trusts, revocable and irrevocable trusts etc., or anyone who may have control over such accounts. 

Improve operational efficiencies and reduce cost of compliance  

Through its optimized workflow automation, the Fenergo KYC solution ensures the systemized enforcement of data, document gathering and compliance requirements across the bank, promoting an institution-wide single client view. Its integrated management and maintenance of compliance documentation, as well as its ability to automatically generate and file regulatory reports, enables financial institutions to save valuable time and effort in maintaining a high level of compliance. In addition, the solution provides full client activity management including queries and complaints, data change requests, case management and correspondent tracking. 

The solution is available as a standalone module or can be fully integrated with the Fenergo Client Onboarding Lifecycle Management solution.